Care Of Braces:

1. Brush your teeth thoroghly. Be sure to get under the wires.

2. Thread the floss string and push it down under the wires between your brackets. Remember to floss every tooth, even the ones in the far back.

3. Gently clean between brackets (under the wires) with the wire brush to get all the plaque off.

4. Use mouthwash to clean your mouth, it will give you nice breath!

5. Stick to foods that require little to no chewing once you first get braces: bananas, mashed potatoes, soup. Persuade someone to take you out for milkshakes.

6. Remember after a while, the braces will feel like they're not even there, and your friends will accept it as a permanent fixture and never frown when you smile.

7. Don't be ashamed of your braces! They'll be taken out one day and you'll have perfect, straight teeth!

8. Also, stay away from foods such as carrots as the pieces get stuck behind the wire and are a pain to get out


1. Your lips will probably be dry after you get braces on even with lip balm, so keep applying lip balm consistently, throughout your braces period of your life. Keep some on hand, either in your purse, pocket, backpack, locker, or even carry it around.

2. When you get your braces off, smile, smile, smile! You will be so happy to have them off that this will come easily to you.

3. Don't be too freaked out by the thought of braces. They honestly aren't as bad as people think. Just remember, even though it may not seem like it, a lot of people have them, too, including adults. Be confident and no one will notice the braces, just your smile.

4. Try not to eat many hard foods, as they can cause your braces to break, or can get stuck under the wire and they are pretty hard to get out.

5. Don't mess with them, they might fall off or break.

6. The first night after you have put them on is probably going to be the hardest. Try to sleep laid on your back, instead of face-down, so that you can avoid most of the pain caused by the constant pulling the braces cause. Remember though that this subsides after 2 or 3 days. A mild painkiller may help as well, if really needed.

7. The key to making time fly faster when you have braces is to learn to love them. When there is a negative, there is ALWAYS a positive. A small amount of time with braces is absolutely worth it for a lifetime of white pearly beautiful teeth that everyone will fall in love with! Who knows, you may even miss your braces after they're taken off!

Don't forget that they are there! Once you get braces you will have the full-time responsibility of taking care of them.