Teeth in a day -although dental implants have been used for more than 40 years to replace missing teeth, current procedures are esthetically driven. Initially protocols advocated a two stage surgical approach requiring implant to be submerged and free of load to ensure predictable healing and osseointegration. This procedure involves two surgical procedures and an extended healing period. As a result, immediate loading ( provisionalization) of an implant at the time of placement has become an emerging treatment option. However all the candidates are not suitable for immediate loading where there is any infection or cyst. Immediate loading is variably defined, depending on the restorative protocol used at various investigating centers. The interval between placement of the implant and the restoration has varied between 0 and 20 days. However, from a patient’s perspective, immediate loading should refer to the placement and restoration of an endosseous dental implant during the same clinical visit

Here at Dental One we carefully analyse all the factors and come out with a treatment plan which benefits the patient both esthetically and functionally. Hence with the concept of immediate loading the patients are delivered their teeth in one day. With us you Smile in a day